Athelas PillTrack

Athelas PillTrack

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Athelas PillTrack helps patients keep compliant with up to eight different medications through text reminders and intuitive light indicators.

PillTrack arrives ready-to-use out of box. When a patient takes a medication, the action is recorded and automatically transmitted back to their physician. Doctors and patients can view compliance rates in their online portals.

  • SIM-enabled connectivity
  • Track up to eight medications
  • Intuitive light reminder system
  • Optional SMS notifications
  • Automatic data transmission to patient and provider portals

Medication Adherence

Track adherence to a patient's prescription medication regimen.


Keep tabs on important vitals to keep aging patients healthy.


Manage patients at risk for high blood pressure.


Treatment for patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder.

Kidney Disease

Tracking key health metrics for patients with kidney dysfunction.